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Tenterfield Terriers are DNA tested mainly for the 2 diseases listed below,a full breed profile consists of those 2 diseases plus, colours that each dog may carry,or whether a dog carries the NBT Gene,and Testing is now done though ORIVET  in Victoria

Blue(grey) and White,or Blue Tri has only been recognised for a couple years,I have never bred Blues,or either of the 2 liver shades,only Black Tri,or Tan/whites,

MERLE or DAPPLE is NOT in the colour genetics of the Tenterfield Terrier OR Mini Foxies,

Brindle IS accepted,BUT NOT preferred,as per ANKC breed standard

Primary Lens Luxation.,and ,CHG,Congenital hypothyroidism with goiter (CHG
all of my dogs have been DNA tested

Cumath Havachat                 Gemma"                  PLL  CLEAR,CHG Clear,(desexed)
Munlochy Nutmeg                Nutmeg"            -    PLL CLEAR  ALSO NBT  carrier CHG Clear
Munlochy Solitaire                Buster"               -   PLL clear by parentage ,,CHG Clear

Munlochy Lady Gaga            Lucy                       PLL and CHG Clear by Parentage,(CBP / GP)

Munlochy My Little Yoyo     Yoyo                       PLL and CHG Clear by Parentage / GP/GGP

CARRIERS are fine to be bred from providing the mate selected is CLEAR.but any pup retained by myself must be tested if from 1 clear and 1 carrier parent.
but there will NEVER be an affected pup from carrier to clear parents,only clear or carrier.,

Carriers NEVER develop the disease as they only have the one carrier gene from one parent.,and are perfectly fine as pets,only when breeding does the status matter,

CHG affected puppies do not survive past 3 to 5 weeks,there will only ever be Clears or Carriers,again,carriers are fine to breed from providing mate is CLEAR
ALWAYS ASK FOR PROOF OF,copies of certificates of each parent.or grandparent / or great GP;s,once tested clear testing is not needed on anything born from Clear lines
Certificates for those tested are available,and are supplied with a puppy folder,


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